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Training options

BMT Personal Training​

I love my studio/gym/play space which we can work one on one or a small group of 2-4 people on your specific needs including strength, stability, cardiovascular fitness, mobility or rehab from injury.  Strength training has huge benefits to you as a woman and your outdoor fitness journey. 


There are hundreds of generic training schedules available on the internet, in books and friends plans but you are individual and those plans have no idea about what makes you unique.  My passion, experience and knowledge lays deep in coaching women how to blend Triathlon, running, walking, cycling and swimming with real life.   

Group Training: Swim - Bike - Run & Walk

Swim, cycle and run/walk groups meet every week.  If you are looking for some fun in getting fitter and stronger, looking for support to tackle what you think is impossible, looking to make some fantastic friends or just need a little push in the motivation area, come along to any of the BMT group training sessions.

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