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Coaching for events

My mission is to pass my knowledge and experience on so that you can achieve your goals, take part in events, be fit for life or whatever is the important for you.

You only have to do a search on google to find hundreds of run,cycle,swim or various distance triathlon programs that you can follow.  These programs are generic, not written with you in mind.  Any training is better than no training but your time is precious and the last thing you want to do is to spend it doing what I call "junk training". Your training should take you forward towards your goal, it should be fun, it should make you feel great as well as challenge you.  


There are so many variables that make up the beautiful unique person that you are and these variables need to be reflected in how you train. It may be time restraints, family or work commitments, past injuries or illness and more.  All of this needs to be taken into consideration when deciding on what goals to take on, how to get there and knowing when to make changes. 

It is my job to get to know you, your what & why and then the plan is the how. For you having a coach is like a "how to manual" Take away the guess work and let me be your manual.   It is the fun of learning new stuff, learning how your body reacts, learning to listen to your body, maintaining a family and social life, knowing how to turn obstacles into opportunities, and the most important thing.... having fun and not getting to dislike your training or finding excuses not to be active.   


Send me a message here or contact me on 027 271 9721 and we can arrange a time to sit down and talk.  The cost of coaching varies depending on your needs, spend an hour with me and between us we will work out a plan that is uniquely you. I look forward to working with you, sharing the journey and the "moments" that come with achievment

I just love this beautiful run at the Wanaka Half Ironman 

Road or MTB, I enjoy riding with our group of lovely women

A well done from me at the end of Around Brunner Cycle ride!

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