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Run & Walk Group info

It does not matter how fit you are, you are welcome to come along and join us. There will be a group for you.  Fitness is so much more fun with great company.    Make a committment to yourself to come along and join in. 

There is no charge for these run/walk groups as it is an opportunity to run or walk with other fab people.   We split into groups and the distances and pace will vary.  The number one rule is that no one gets left behind. 


Thursday run & walk 6pm

These are mainly around Hagley Park, we meet at the Armagh St Bridge gates ready to start at 6pm.  Check the calendar on the Home page for weekly details as the meeting place may change. 

As a guide this is what we do.
1. Walk group is approx 5km and may split into a fast & med pace
2. Jog/walk group aprox 5km
3. Med run group approx 7km
4. Long run group approx 8-10km 

Sunday run & walk 8.30am
This run & walk is mainly on and around the hills and will vary in distance and time from 1 hour to 1 & half hour so I would suggest that your fitness level is at a stage that you can walk or run up the hills.

The meeting place changes from week to week and we can often be found at various tracks on the Port Hills. Check the calendar on the Home page for details.  We split into groups depending on fitness and speed.  You are welcome to bring your dog.  After the run/walk it is straight to the closest coffee shop after for a laugh, chat and nourishment!

Call or Text me on 027 271 9721 or email on info@barbmillar to let me know you are joining us or so I can answer any questions you have. 

Photos from  our training runs/walks and events

Sian Theesa Barb on track small
Walk group July 2012.jpg
porthill race 4 - 2010 Hannah Julia Learna.jpg
Barb Theresa finishing Run to Remember 14
Liz Natalia Ngaire finish.jpg
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