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BMT Culture

As a REP's Personal Trainer and coach I am passionate about encouraging and helping women to understand how to include activity/training/exercise and events into their life, make it sustainable, make it fun and make it a "forever" change.   


So often as women, life is moving right along and we are so busy with family, friends and working that the one thing that we haven't had time for is our fitness, health and personal achievement.  Then it just seems too hard to change.  


This is where BMT and the cupcake culture grew from.. I had battled to find this balance over the years and it is now my passion to make life easier for other women.  It is of utmost importance to me that there is fun involved in your fitness journey.  That is why I have developed the mix of group run & walks, bike rides & swims along with individual coaching, strength training and now the four levels of 10 Week Challenges with an outdoor focus. 


The group training is perfect in that you just put the activity, day and time in your diary.  We cannot be 100% motivated 24/7 and all year round.  There are times in our lives that we are tired, not well, injured or for a short term we just cannot put everything into our week.  We understand that not everyone can turn up for every session, every week.  But when you turn up again, we will be there with a smile and welcome you.

The culture of our group is one of support, friendship and encouragement. Our cupcake saying has grown with us from those moments where training or an event gets tough. "Suck it up cupcake" If you have the balance of training right even the tough moments are satisfying and fun.  

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