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This is why we train with Barb  Millar Training

“I have had Barb Millar for a trainer for over 7 years now, both as a one on one trainer and being a part of her group training sessions. Barb has a lovely way of encouraging and pushing you in a gentle manner that at the end of the session you don’t realise how much you have done.


I have never found her to be judging of my fitness level nor has she ever compared my abilities to those of other within the group. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, the support is the same for everyone. Her motto of ‘nobody gets left behind’ is one of the reasons I joined in with the sessions and have stayed training with Barb. Whether you are well on your way and need some extra training or whether you are just starting out, this is the trainer and the group for you.”  

Julia Home


At the ripe old age of 47 I decided I did not want to be fifty fat and frumpy so I started walking. After 3 years I found it was not enough fo me and a search on google led me to Barb Millar's group training.  The website said "come and join us for running, biking and swimming". I could not do any of the above!!  After a couple of years not only could I do all of these I had a bunch of new friends (Cupcakes). I thought running 5km was a long way, Barb smilled and said "How about a Half Marathon?" "Not on your life" was my reply.  Somehow I found myself not only lining up for 2 more and a few 10km runs. mmm and I must say thanks to Barb's coaching I was thrilled with my times for these.  I have done the swim leg (1.9km) for a team in the Wanaka Half Ironman and next year we are taking several teams to the Picton Half Ironman which will be fun.  Who would believe it, not me but I did it and I could not of done it without the support and training from Barb all the hours she puts in, and the recovery is brilliant she will put in 100 percent if you do and I guarantee you will get results like I have. 10 years later I still love running biking and swimming and my confidence has also gone through the roof.
Jane Sutton

I highly reccommed Barb Millar as a Personal Trainer.  When I first started training with the running group it was solely running but over time the group training has evolved to included Personal Training, cycling and swimming.  I have found that Barb is always looking to see how each person's body works and what they need to improve.  Barb is always encouraging us to do the best that we can in both group and individual sessions.  Every session is different from the last as Barb has an array of equipment and knowledge of exercise's and exercise routines.

If Barb hadn't had the confidence in my ability I would never have entered my first Half Ironman event.  With a perfect training program and lots of moral support from Barb I finished the Half with a time that I was happy with, and my recovery was almost painless!!
Liz Hunter

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