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Swim Group  info

The BMT Swim group is for women of any ability, age or fitness level.  Your mission is our mission: A triathlon, an open water swim, learn to swim or improve your swimming and fitness.  The sessions are structured so that anyone of any ability can join in.  You work at your own pace within the plan for the session. 


Our coaching focuses on technique and strength first, then distance.  This way you can get the most out of the time you spend in the pool plus we want to minimise any potential injury due to poor technique.  Small adjustments make a huge difference. 

Swimming in with a group is motivating and much more fun than on your own, so come along to Wharenui Pool and join us. Your choice of one or two sessions a week.  

We run the group on a 7 week rotation but you are welcome to join in at any time.  If you can swim and looking for improvement in technique, increased fitness and strength these 7 week blocks are for you. 

Contact me to book your spot in any of the sessions now.. Start now, your future self will thank you for it.  Cont


Sunday's at 4pm - 5pm - Beginners session (focused on getting your confident and swimming)
Sunday's at 5pm - 6pm - General session

Wednesday's at 7pm - 8pm - General session

Current fees (includes pool entry and coaching) :
7 weeks - 2 sessions a week $130.00
7 weeks - 1 session a week $70.00
Casual - $15 per session (if you join in the block part way the fees will be apportioned)

Some  photos from  our swim group
Hannah Ngaire Liz.jpg
Liz and Saskia swim finish 2.jpg
Swim start 2.jpg
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