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Personal Training info

The BMT gym is a place for you to gain strength, increase range of movement, work on your stability and have fun.  This is not your normal gym environment where you work on a programme on your own.  Together we decide on what your goals are and what your body needs and together we work on solutions.   I use a mix of weights, body weight exercises and fun games to achieve strength, flexibility and movement.  


The choice is yours - one on one or small group from 2-6 people.

Before we start any strength training, coaching or training we will take the time to work through a series of questions so I understand where you are at, what impact any past injuries have had on your body, what your goals are and loads more.  Once we get started we will monintor, measure and reassess as often as needed to ensure that your training is both fun and has direction.  Yes we need destination but the fun of the journey is so important.  

Have a read of what some of my clients say about our journey together.  My focus is your goals, what we do depends on your needs, my success is because I understand how life has shaped our current level of fitness and I know how to make the balance of life & fitness work together for a better future you. 


Send me an email so I can contact you, or call/text me on 027 271 9721 to book a time to start your journey.


There is an investment and that depends on your choice of training or coaching.  Contact me and we can work out what will be the best solution for you.  


Photos of  the BMT studio and fun times

All quiet in the weight room
Training together
Technique correction
Treadmill challenge
Great lifting for swim strength
Deadlift technique
The challenge is on
Lat Pull down perfection
Time for some fun
Various ways to lift weights
TRX is fun
Weights is strength
Good body control
Fun with boxing
Kick and box fitness
Enough of the mits
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