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Over a span of 20 years I have been lucky to have had a great time training, learning and taking part in many fantastic events in Christchurch, Canterbury and around the South Island. Now as a qualified trainer and coach of many years I am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge to encourage women of any age or ability to experience life in the active lane that brings together achievment and fun.  

Everybody is capable of being active and experiencing the thrill of achievment.  The secret is blending everything that your life is now with a level of training that builds your fitness and strength in a fun way making fab friends, creating great memories and expriences along the way.  

Have a browse around, enjoy our pics, learn a little about what Barb Millar Training is about. You are welcome to come along and join us at any of the group training (a number of these sessions are free) and if you are looking for individual coaching and experienced knowledge, or you want to increase your strength with specific training designed for you then contact me to start your journey. 

The calendar below is updated weekly with training group details and local and some out of town events with my opinion & comments about each event based on my experiences along with the fun, atmosphere and challenge level. 

You are welcome to join us on any of the training sessions.  Any questions contact me.

BMT Calendar  of training and events
2020 Calendar  of ChCh/Canty/Sth Island events for you to  add to your   list

This calendar does not include every event in the South Island, it is primarily local ChCh and Canty events with other out of town events that I consider well worth adding to your "Events to take part in" list.  This is based on my experience of being involved in events and as an event organiser for many years. I am familiar with the event, the organisers, the event terrain and complexity.  This does exclude some of the new events but usually do know others that have taken part so it is only an email away form more information.

The calendar is currently in PDF from Excel as this is how I collate the base information and website links.  It will be incorporated into the monthly calendar above in the next couple of months which will make it easier to read but at present it will give you all of the events for 2020 known to me at time of publishing.  There are some that are still to be confirmed by event organisers.  I have put these on based on same day/month from 2019.  As they are confirmed I will remove the TBC. 

If you would like my opinion on an event that you are interested in email me on info@barbmillartraining.co.nz

If I have missed a cool event or you are an event organiser then email me details and I will add it to the calendar.

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